Spotify investigating issue where desktop app is missing option to remove/dislike song in Release Radar playlist

Unless you are living in some remote corner of the world where the internet is inaccessible, you must have heard of the global music streaming service leader, Spotify.

Launched in 2008, Spotify is available on almost every platform and is preferred by both music enthusiasts and artists alike. However, like all other services, subscribers do face some issues every once in a while.

A few days ago, some users complained that they were getting a ‘Can’t play current song’ error while others said the refresh button was broken for the Recommended songs section.


Having said that, another issue has surfaced. According to user reports, the Remove/Dislike song is missing in the Release Radar playlist on the desktop version of the app.

Subscribers say they have tried reinstalling the app and updating to the latest version, but nothing seems to bring back the dislike button for now.

Release Radar is a playlist that is updated every Friday with personalized recommendations where users can listen to new music from artists they follow or listen to. It is a really good way for users to discover new music and artists to reach out widen their fan base.


Hey, so every friday the Release Radar playlist gets updated. Although it definitely doesn’t detect my interests perfectly, it kinda works and I’m not bothered with it, specially because there was a button that you could choose if you dislike that song/band and it would remove it from the playlist and from future playlist updates. Well, I can’t find that button on this week’s Release Radar playlist made for me. I just get the like button and nothing else. Was it removed?

Hi Alex. A premium member here and noticed that the hide button has disappeared from my Release Radar. I have closed Spotify and restarted it to no avail. I often get a lot of foreign artists with the same names as the artists I expect to show up in Release radar which makes for an unpleasant listening experience, especially when I should be hearing only artists I am following/related to the music styles I listen to.(Source)

Nonetheless, many are now complaining that they are unable to remove the music they don’t like because of the missing remove/dislike button. This is really a bummer since Release Radar keeps songs users haven’t listened to for up to 4 weeks.

Fortunately, the developers have acknowledged the issue and said that it is currently under investigation. Spotify is asking users to make sure their app is up to date in case they find a fix for the missing remove/dislike Release Radar button issue.


In the meantime, users will need to resort to the mobile version of the app if they want to remove songs from the Release Radar playlist.

When Spotify fixes the missing Release Radar playlist remove/dislike button issue, we will update this article to reflect the same.

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