Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users reporting disparity in Google Fit & Samsung Health data, possible workaround inside

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the latest smartwatch in the Galaxy Watch series. It was announced at the Samsung Unpack Event that took on August 11 this year.

However, it took a couple of weeks to release the latest by Samsung, with Galaxy Watch 4 coming to the market on August 27.

As you would expect from a premium smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 4 runs on Android Wear OS and has 16GB of internal storage paired with 1.5GB RAM.


Having said that, the Galaxy Watch 4 is compatible with several fitness tracking apps, some of which include Google Fit and Samsung’s very own Samsung Health.

Nonetheless, some fitness enthusiasts love to use multiple apps to keep track of different parameters. While S-Health offers continuous heart rate tracking, Google Fit’s UI is clean and minimalistic to look at compared to Samsung Health.

Talking about these fitness tracking apps, it looks like some users are having issues with the data recorded by these apps on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.


While some say that Google Fit is pretty accurate when it comes to tracking steps, others do not seem to agree. In some cases, the number of steps counted by Google Fit sometimes amounts to more than 25% of what Samsung Health records.

According to reports, users say that there is a huge disparity when it comes to step count and calorie tracking between Google Fit and Samsung Health.

One of the reasons why Samsung Health might count fewer steps compared to Google Fit might be because, on the Galaxy Watch 4, the step count algorithm kicks in after taking 10 continuous steps.

Having said that, others suggest that the data presented by Google Fit is inaccurate. And this might be true since Google Fit also records data from the phone’s sensor, which might lead to inaccurate step counts in some cases.


Has anyone else noticed a huge disparity in step tracking between Google Fit and Samsung Health? Samsung Health currently says I’ve taken 3,637 steps (it’s been a lazy Sunday, don’t judge me); Google Fit says I’ve taken 5,308.

Google fit shows 745 vs Samsung Health’s 855 calories burned, which one is correct? I have the Fit calories burned complication on my main watchface and SHealth calories burned on one of my tiles. They are off by over 100 calories. Which ones is more accurate?

If you find yourself in the same boat as the users above, worry not, as we have a workaround that might come in handy if you want to use both Google Fit and Samsung Health.

In order to avoid data disparity on these apps when using Galaxy Watch 4, you will need to disable the Google Fit tracking on your watch and phone. Afterward, just continue using Samsung Health and install an app called Health Sync so you can sync your data to Google Fit.

If you continue using Google Fit on your smartwatch, then all activities including step count will be duplicated in your logs.

Did the workaround fix the data disparity issue between Google Fit and Samsung Health on your Galaxy Watch 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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Featured image source: Samsung

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